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What is an EA - Enrolled Agents?
A tax professional authorized by the U.S. government to be able to represent taxpayers in matters concerning the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). more
What is an EA - Enrolled Agents?

An Enrolled Agent is a person that has earned the privilege to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Only Enrolled Agents, CPAs and Attorneys may do so.

Unlike CPAs and Attorneys, who may or may not specialize in taxation, all Enrolled Agents specialize in taxation. Enrolled Agents advise, represent and prepare tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts and other entities with tax reporting requirements.

An individual may become an Enrolled Agent in one of two ways – by passing a comprehensive examination from the Internal Revenue Service covering all aspects of the tax code, procedures and ethics or by working for the Internal Revenue Service for five years in a position that regularly applies and interprets the tax code and its regulations.

Vincent Maguire, EA and Ryan Hart, EA became EAs by passing the comprehensive exam.