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What is an EA - Enrolled Agents?
A tax professional authorized by the U.S. government to be able to represent taxpayers in matters concerning the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). more

M&H has been doing my personal and business taxes since the start. They are extremely knowledgeable and always up to date with the constant changing tax laws. The returns are always done in a timely manner and they make the process for me very easy. In two words, efficient and thorough. Ryan Hart also gives me year round financial advice and he makes it a pleasure talking with him.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about M&H so if you are looking for a tax preparer or book keeper, I highly recommend you meet with them as you will be challenged to find a more knowledgeable, honest and friendly team.

Sean F. Ie
Intelon Equities, LLC

Wow! What great service!
Vince Maguire identified tax strategies for me and also for my two young adult children which our previous tax advisor had overlooked. Vince answered every one of our questions in plain English, without condescension, usually within the same day and for a lower fee than our previous tax man charged. I never would have believed that tax prep could be this effortless, understandable, efficient and even pleasant. Thank you, thank you! I'm still smiling.

Sheryl L.

Dear Vince,

Thank you for your kindness & prompt assistance in my little tax bill. Your work is greatly appreciated! Hope you are enjoying the rest of post-tax season.

Best Wishes,

Nicole A.


I received your postcard about, I wanted to give my thoughts. This was my first time with you all (I usually go to H&R or Jackson Hewitt) and I was very pleased! I did not have to make an appointment and schedule time out of my day to sit there for an hour (or longer)...I scanned all my documents, sent them to Vince, a few email exchanges and DONE. Took NO time out of my day, Vince was very nice...explained some questions I had....and all around I had a VERY pleasant experience with you guys!

Thanks again and we will be talking next tax season!


Here is the bottom line. If you are foolish enough NOT to have Ryan and Vince on your team, I invite you to change that. I walked away from my accounting firm of over 10 years to move over to Maguire and Hart and have had the BEST experience! They way M&H have handled my multiple accounts is nothing short of awesome! I have been able to increase my profits by over 22% by being able to use their advice. Never once have I found a mistake and they are so on top of the changes that can sometimes affect business owners that I do not even worry about it. The best thing I can say is they give me and my multiple businesses PEACE OF MIND! Trust me your bank account will thank you if you are part of the M&H family!

Casey Eberhart